SELLERS – Tips to help sell your home!


Tips to help you sell your home….

Remember – the first impression is the most important

Nothing is more important than the first look.  You want the buyers to be “wowed” and you want them to worry that someone else might get there first. Dorie Mitchell can advise you on how to make your home impressionable without spending a lot of money. To get your home ready to sell requires a Critical, Impersonal and Experienced eye!! Take the time to visit a “model home” in a new neighborhood and see how it is carefully decorated.  Bring this “look” home with you and make your home look like a model home.

The Outside…

Curb appeal is very important.  Many people will drive by your home or preview it via the internet. After that, they make a decision on whether or not to come inside.  Drive by your own home and give it a critical evaluation..

  • Remove all clutter from the front and back yards.  This includes toys, building materials, dead plants, litter, leaves, etc.
  • Keep your lawns freshly cut
  • Take the time to add fresh pine straw, mulch etc
  • Remove any dead limbs from trees, bushes, etc
  • Keep porches, sidewalks and decks clean
  • Make sure all outside furniture is in good condition.
  • Check your shutters, doors, windows for needed paint or repair

The Inside…

  • Begin at your front door and walk through as you are a buyer.  Remove ALL clutter…remember what the model home looked like!!!
  • Let in as  much light as possible.  Take down window coverings that block light.  You want to show your windows.
  • Get rid Fof all piles of magazines, newspapers, mail, etc
  • Reduce items on tables, mantles to one or two items.
  • Pack away all family photos – on walls and standing alone
  • Remove all magnets and items from refrigerator
  • Clear all kitchen counter-tops
  • Clear all bathroom toiletries and remove hanging wall shelves
  • Make sure towels in bathrooms are in excellent condition and hanging even
  • Furniture – remember less is more.  Less makes the rooms feel much larger
  • Bedrooms should be clutter free, remove all nicknacks, clothes, toys, collectibles. Bedspreads and pillows should be immaculate.
  • Make sure all dust and dirt is gone.
  • Empty all trash cans
  • Make sure all closets are organized and orderly.  If possible, pack up as many clothes as you can to make your closets seem larger
  • Be mindful of what you cook before a showing….Bacon can leave a bad odor.
  • Have carpets professionally cleaned.

This process can be painful but will be worth it!!